ADVICE    to help you get the most from your treatment

* Discuss with your doctor any concerns you might have regarding a proposed treatment i.e. skin sensitivity, allergies, diabetes, pregnancy etc.

*  Advise the therapist of any illness you may have or medication you are taking, as this could have an adverse reaction to a treatment.

Please come prepared –
* Bring open-toe shoes if you are having a pedicure.

* Shower and exfoliate skin prior to a spray tanning treatment. Do not wear make-up, perfume or deodorant. Bring some loose, dark clothing for travelling home.
Moisturise daily to ensure your tan fades evenly. Avoid swimming in pools as chlorine will prematurely fade a spray tan.

* New clients will require to undertake a ‘patch test’ 24hrs prior to any tinting treatment to eliminate the unlikely event of a tint allergy

* Do not shave in between your regular waxing appointments



* After a massage or facial, please allow yourself some time to rest at home and allow the treatment continue working. It is essential to drink plenty of water to rehydrate the skin and aid the elimination of toxins.

* Please avoid heat treatments (sauna, sunbed or sunbathing) for 24 hours after your facial, massage or waxing treatment.

* Avoid hot baths, sweating, perfumed creams and make-up after waxing.

* After lash tinting or perming, eyes may feel irritated. Bathe them with cotton wool pads soaked in cool water. If a reaction persists, seek GP advice.

*  Please use Solar Oil (nail oil) every day to hydrate and condition nails with enhancements and promote the healthy growth of natural nails and cuticles.